L1 Party Fish

L Series L1 Party Fish


The Sylvan L1 Party Fish exemplifies the essence of a family-friendly fishing pontoon, featuring a dedicated fishing station equipped with rod holders and a live well, catering to anglers of all skill levels. Whether casting lines or reeling in the catch of the day, this specialized setup ensures an optimal fishing experience. With the standard SPX third tube performance package, this pontoon guarantees stable and smooth cruising, providing a secure platform for fishing excursions on the water. Its sleek black exterior rails add a touch of contemporary style, making it a standout vessel on any lake or river. Furthermore, the Sylvan L1 Party Fish is fitted with an integrated ski tow, offering versatility for water sports enthusiasts. Plus, a power canopy offers refuge from the sun's rays, ensuring comfort during extended outings. Loaded with family-friendly features and tailored for angling adventures, this pontoon is the ideal companion for creating lasting memories on the water with family and friends.