8522 LZ

Mirage Cruise 8522 LZ


The Sylvan Mirage 8522 LZ pontoon is designed to optimize seating capacity and enhance family outings on the water. With four wrap-around couches, this pontoon provides ample seating for everyone onboard, ensuring comfort and enjoyment throughout the journey. The inclusion of a power bimini top allows passengers to easily adjust for shade or sunshine, catering to varying weather conditions. Additionally, the pontoon features a full fiberglass console equipped with a spacious storage area, offering convenient storage for all essentials. Family-friendly amenities such as a changing room and a four-step ladder further enhance the pontoon's appeal, providing added convenience and versatility for all members of the family. Whether you're cruising, fishing, or simply enjoying a day on the water, the Sylvan Mirage 8522 LZ pontoon ensures a memorable and comfortable experience for everyone aboard.