8522 Resorter

Mirage Cruise 8522 Resorter

The Sylvan Mirage 8522 Resorter pontoon redefines comfort and versatility on the water with its array of premium features. Boasting a full camper enclosure, this pontoon allows passengers to enjoy the water in any weather condition, providing shelter and protection from the elements. The rear flip-back seating area not only offers flexible seating arrangements but also transforms into a comfortable bed, perfect for overnight adventures or relaxing naps under the sun. Equipped with a fiberglass console featuring a large storage area spacious enough for your cooler, the pontoon ensures that all essentials are conveniently stowed away. Additionally, the side starboard galley adds a touch of luxury, providing a space for preparing snacks and drinks while enjoying the scenic views. Whether you're embarking on a weekend getaway or a leisurely day cruise, the Sylvan Mirage 8522 Resorter pontoon offers unparalleled comfort and functionality for an unforgettable experience on the water.