822 Party Fish

Mirage Fish 822 Party Fish

Step aboard the Sylvan Mirage 822 Party Fish 4.0, a quintessential 22-foot pontoon crafted to indulge both family-friendly leisure and avid angling pursuits. This pontoon masterpiece seamlessly integrates recreational features with angler-friendly amenities, crafting an unmatched on-water experience. At the stern, discover a dedicated fishing station with two rear fishing seats, alongside a convenient livewell and practical filet table, ensuring effortless angling excursions. Moreover, the spacious layout optimizes seating capacity, offering a starboard bench seat and two fishing chairs, ideal for accommodating large gatherings and leisurely cruises. Whether you're casting lines or basking in the sun with loved ones, the Sylvan Mirage 822 Party Fish 4.0 guarantees enduring memories aboard the expansive pontoon.