Sylvan 75 Years of Boat Building Excellence

The luxury boats your're about to behold are the result of 75 years of hard work, innovation, and tenacious commitment to quality.  For 5 generations and counting, our family has been dedicated to sharing the wonder of boating by creating the finest pontoons that money can buy.  

Each year we put our heritage on the line with great new Sylvan lineups backed by the best warranty and the best customer service there is.  We pioneered our SPX performance tubes to deliver incredible acceleration and sports car-like handling, and we continue to lead the way with luxurious interiors, inspired designs, and the highest quality in the industry. 

We're not just boat builders.  We're boaters, just like you - and we're confident 75 years is just the beginning.  Take a look at our 2023 pontoon boat lineup and we think you'll see why.